Hammer ‘n’ Nail

I almost didn’t get Hammer ‘n’ Nail done on time, but it’s 11:12pm and here it is. I just got back from a jugband show at Reggie’s down on the South Side. I skipped out on my check, I feel bad, I’m wearing tight jeans, my hair is greased up, my wife was up when I got home. I’m in no condition to write a song.

This song is a sketch of a song from a few months back and in no way finished and probably never will be finished, but I needed to do something today. I added a “gospel choir” effect and recorded through one condenser mic in the mono setting. I thought that was appropriate to capture the mood and feel of the moment. I’m pretty surprised this one clocked in at almost 3 minutes. I guess lots of obnoxious guitar notes will do that to a song.

What do you think?

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