If One Won’t, Another One Will

Protest Week

Here’s the Fourth Installment in honor of National Protest Week. Today’s song is called If One Won’t, Another One Will. It’s another re-write of an old Carter Family tune (do you see a pattern here?). Their’s was called If One Won’t The Other Will. You can check out the lyrics here. The Carter Family cut is about spurned love. Mine is more of proselytizing-type piece. I wrote this one probably about 3 years ago. It’s pretty obvious that I had no idea what I was trying to say and no idea what I was actually saying. This would probably be a great theme song for the Tea Party, don’t ya think?

I used to sing this one out live and I’d play the melody a lot around the house, but not anymore. Whenever I did perform If One Won’t, I never felt really good about how it went over. I guess it’s because no one wants to be told what to think or believe or how to see the world. Plus, it’s a completely direct story-song. There’s no over-arching metaphor or hidden meaning or anything. You get what you get with this song. I guess I still like it, but it just ain’t were I’m at anymore. It’s a blame song. I’m trying to blame someone else for something I don’t like instead of just going out and fixing that thing myself. I’m not saying there’s never anyone at fault, but just complaining about those at fault, especially those at fault that you coulda stopped in the first place, is just a waste of time and of happiness.

Okay, so tomorrow will probably be the last song in honor of National Protest Week, cause no one protests on Saturday or Sunday. Those are for taking it easy.

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