Southland Blues

Blues Song Week

Okay…I know it’s late, but I don’t care…it’s still Monday, officially…so here’s the brand new song. It’s called Southland Blues. It’s in the key of A Major. I wrote it down in Starkville, Mississippi last Thursday. It was God-awful hot, at least to me and my sweat glands. I was just sitting outside, enjoying a beer, noodling around on the guitar box I had down there, and I just started singing this one. It’s not patterned after any song in particular. And I’m not even sure it’s officially a blues song, but I put the word “blues” in the title so that makes it a blues song.

Really, all my songs are blues, or most of them, probably…I’m not counting them up. This is how Blues Song Week is gonna go:

  1. I post a new song on Monday (today) and talk about it a little
  2. I post a song each day following Monday from my archive of recorded songs
  3. Maybe I’ll re-record one or two of those if I deem it necessary
  4. I’ll question whether each of these songs is a blues song or not
  5. I’ll then wait for your responses

So, is this one a blues song?

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