Post Nasal Drip Blues

Blues Song Week

Here’s another of my blues songs. It’s called Post Nasal Drip Blues. It has the word blues in the title so it has to be a blues. It sounds a little more ramshackle than that to me though and I don’t think the pattern is really a blues song pattern, but oh well.

I wrote the song a long time ago…about 3 and a half years, back in the winter of 2007, probably in January or February. It’s one of the first songs I wrote. Or, at least, one of the first that I wrote that I felt was pretty good and could get behind singing and liked singing. And then I sung it into the ground, so I don’t sing it anymore. Probably haven’t for a year and a half or so. It hurts my throat to even think about sining a song that way.

Anyway. So I wrote this at the beginning. When I was first starting to go out and perform around the city. I was hitting a lot of open mikes then, in late 2006 through 2007. That’s how I kinda found out what to do up there all alone. I played a lot at the Grafton Pub open mike. That one is gone though. They don’t have it anymore. There’s other things on Monday nights now. Like Jonas Friddle’s Old Time and Jug Band jams. You should check those out.

Okay…the Post Nasal Drip Blues. I wrote it while sitting by the fireplace in the Grafton after downing a couple pints. It was one of those bad-cold, but still wet and sloppy winter nights in Chicago. I wrote the song in probably 3 minutes and then didn’t add or change anything. This recording is from December 2007 (so one year after I wrote it), but it’s still exactly as how I wrote it. It’s not any other melody. Nothing stolen. It’s just fast and choppin along. It’s gettin out of the cold quick and movin to a warm place somewhere.

One side note…I did suffer from post-nasal drip back during that winter and a doctor prescribed some sort of addictive nose spray that I have since discontinued using. Instead, I’ll, from time-to-time, use a neti pot to get that drip a-flowin and a-bubblin. Here’s what post-nasal drip looks like:


Diagram of post nasal drip.

See ya, friend.

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