Pray to Your Lord

Blues Song Week

This isn’t necessarily a very old song. I wrote it back in January of this year and posted it as a new song. But it’s a really good example of a blues song, so I figured I just repeat it and ya’ll could hear it again.

It’s called Pray to your Lord. Probably this one could also be in the category of gospel tune, but only if you had a good sense of humor.

I patterned the guitar parts after a progression and melody that Blind Boy Fuller plays in a lot of his songs. Especially a song like “Step It Up and Go.” That’s a really great song. And a really great example of a blues song style. I truncated it a little, so I don’t know if Pray to Your Lord is officially in the blues style, but I also don’t know what the official blue style is, if there is one.

The words are completely made up in this one. It’s not one of those subtle blues songs about some guy getting his lemon squeezed or someone wiping it off. It’s about bending down and giving thanks to the Lord Almighty for what He has giving unto you.

Do you know how to pray to your lord?



This song (probably) will appear on a full-length album that I just finished recording yesterday. The album will (most likely) feature about 13 cuts…two from about one year ago, one from about 2 years ago, and the rest from the last 6 months. So, if you went back and listened to all the tunes posted in 2010 so far, you’d have a good sense of what the album will be like. It’ll be a companion to the “It’s Chicago!” album I’ve also recorded. Both will come out on the same day. That is to say that I’ll receive both of them in a shipment from some giant CD producer on the same day. Anyway. I hope to have the CDs by August first.

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