Song Post: Big Cat Blues

Blues Song Week

Last song of the week. This one’s titled “Big Cat Blues.” I wrote it back in May of 2008. Pretty much right after this happened. Go ahead. Click it. I’ll give it to ya again, here.

It’s a news story about the Great Chicago Police Department That Protects Us All protectin us from a big old cougar. The cougar killed no one. Hurt no one. Scared no one. There’s rats in the city bigger than a 150 pound cougar. It ain’t nothin.

Here’s what the “crime scene” looked like:


It was all over the news. People were frantic. Do you notice the guy on the left side of the picture? Is he clapping because he’s proud? Did he make the shot? Or is he dusting off his hands due to a hard-days work? Or maybe the guy in the bulletproof vest made the shot? How many guys does it take to catch a cougar? How many tax dollars? And how many bullets?

Anyway. This week’s song is a pretty standard blues song. There’s some yelpin. There’s some harp blowin. It goes fast. Then it goes slow. Then fast again. Then it ends on a sorta sour-weird note. I played this song out a lot over the summer and into the fall of 2008. It always went over pretty good. But I don’t play it anymore. It’s one of those topical songs that has a shelf life. That’s mainly cause no one really tries to remember anything anymore. It’s all about what’s happening exactly, directly, right now. What’s happening right now to you? You’re reading this. What happened to you one year ago? And where ya gonna be in one year? If ya run into the Chicago Police you’ll probably be dead and in the ground.

Stay safe out there.

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