The Mortgage Blues

Songs About America Week

Here’s a song I’ve never recorded: The Mortgage Blues. I’ve played it out probably only 2 times. And those two times were completely improvised. I didn’t even write down any official lyrics for this until about a month ago when I started getting some news songs together for to play in the jugband and to record.

My song is a complete rip-off of the Carter Family song the Coal Miner’s Blues. Check out the similarities here. I don’t care if it’s the same. It’s folk music. And, besides, both songs are just as relevant today…coal mining disasters are just as likely as foreclosures. It’s just that foreclosures affect more people now, not just coal miners and such.

I hope I don’t have to explain why this is an American song. It’s in the form of a traditional American blues and/or early country style. The lyrics were written in approximately the middle of 2008.

Here’s what a mortgage looks like:

Don't you just love your mortgage?!

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