New Song: Nothing Oughta Be Like Nothing (part 2)

Arrangement Week

Next installment. Banjo. As you can tell I’m a really below-average banjo player, but I tried real hard and that’s half the battle.

I got the second verse of the song done today. I started it last night, but it came together nicely this afternoon. I’ll thank the Canadians for that. Them of the “if there’s no sign saying you can then you can’t.” As opposed to us Americans of the “if there’s no sign saying you can’t then you can.” I’m not saying one’s better then the other, I just needed one today more than the other.

So the second verse is done. I sung it over banjo. I rarely play banjo other than to pull it off the wall and strum it. I have no idea how to claw-hammer and I’ve never been to good at fingerpicking even on the guitar. But I gave it a whirl and I think it turned out okay.

I’m getting closer to a title. Maybe something like “Oughta be like.” But that feels unfinished. There’s definitely a repeating line, sort of, now. Maybe tomorrow a chorus will spring up.

I think probably on Friday I’ll put the whole song together, all the parts…layered…and I’ll post that.

Anyway, here’s a picture for all of ya that might be strugglin with gettin that next bit of creation out.

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