New Song: Nothing Oughta Be Like Nothing (part 4)

Arrangement Week

I took the (somewhat) easy way out today. I was gonna be ambitious and play the fiddle for the fourth part of “Nothing Oughta Be Like Nothing,” and I did try, but Good God. I used to know a little bit of fiddle, but let’s just say, I saved yall from some serious pain.

So instead I played the mandolin. I’m by no means a good mandolin player, but I can at least strum the chords I need to strum and sing while I do it. There’s no bow involved. No rosin. No tuning fork. It’s all tuned the same, though…like an upsidedown guitar with four strings.

Anyway. I finished the song this afternoon. There’s no chorus. No bridge or extra part. It just is what it is. But it’s one I can really get behind. I usually don’t really get behind songs that take me a week to write…I guess I just worked harder on this one.

Tomorrow I’ll merge all the files together and we can hear what that sounds like. It’ll most likely be a big mess. On Saturday I’ll record an “official” version of the song and then it’ll be done and I’ll maybe start playing it out around town.

So, there ya go. Four days of the creative process or struggle or whatever ya call it.

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