You’re All I Got

New Song Week

So this week I’m gonna try to write a new song each day, Monday through Friday. I actually wrote You’re All I Got last night, so, really, I’ll be writing new songs Sunday through Thursday. Anyway.

This one is an attempt at a love song. I’ve been told my love songs aren’t really love songs at all. Maybe that’s true. But I tried really hard at this one. Maybe it counts. I can’t tell. I know I was feelin some love when I wrote it.

The melody came pretty easy and the words kinda fell right into place fairly quickly. I had a chorus, but it didn’t add anything new or interesting, and it wasn’t really a chorus. Maybe a bridge or something like that. A divider? Either way I cut it out, so I’m left with 4 short verses and a song that’s about one minute long or so. One minute is really easy to listen to, even though you’ve got so many other things to spend not very much time on.

No harp on this because it was late and I didn’t want to wake anyone up.

Let me know what ya think. And drop in tomorrow for the next new song.

Sometimes it feel like a pile of logs is all I got.

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