Leavin’ You

New Song Week

I barely got this one done. I sat down at 11:18pm and churned it out. Was a real struggle today. I didn’t take a whole lotta time for to write a song and so I ended up puttin in a last gasp at the very end. That’s a terrible way to write. I’ve learned ya can’t wait around for inspiration to hit ya. There’s a quote by someone…Norman Mailer, maybe…floating around out there that goes something like, “Inspiration is for amateurs.” And that’s the truth. Ya gotta put it in t get it back out.

I didn’t put it in and so I’m left with this little blues song. I kinda started diggin it after the second verse, though. And I’ll probably work on this one a little. It’s got something going for it. Like a train engine. Like a trout.

Anyway, goodnight, sweet dreams. Here’s what I’ll be adreamin about:

See ya tomorrow for the next new song.

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