New Song: The Jugband Song

Okay. I’m back after Break Week. I got this song going last week after a practice with the Barehand Jugband. We were looking for a song to introduce all the members during our shows. I pieced this one together with a bit of a song I wrote probably about a year ago that the band played once. But the verses in the middle I wrote last week.

Then I recorded each part and layered them on top.

The jug is actually a beer bottle that I was drinking out of. (I did finish the beer after, spit and all, just like National Jug-Blowing Champ Clay Goodpasture.) The washboard is an old washboard. I really start to pick up speed and technique near the “fiddle” section. Listen close. I’m just strumming the banjo as hard as I can. I didn’t even attempt fiddle or trombone, although I could have substituted a slide whistle for the trombone. Sounds about the same.

Anyway, that’s that for today’s new song.

Last week I worked extra hard and pulled together both my new albums, “It’s Chicago!” and “Andrew Francis.” Everything is due to arrive done by the beginning of next week. I’m not having any kind of “official” release party or show, but I will have the albums with me wherever you see me, so just ask for one. They’re pretty cheap for full-length albums. 6 bucks each, or you can buy both for 10. All prices are, of course, negotiable. Everything will also be available on itunes and all that racket.

Tomorrow night I’m at Schuba’s Tavern for the Chicago version of the New York Songwriter’s Circle. The showcase is run by Heather Styka and should be a pretty good time. Come check it out. I’ll be playing all new songs off the albums.

Here’s a video of a song I played at the Schuba’s show:

Next week, on the 14th I’ll be at Jerry’s along with Jonas Friddle.

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