New Song: John Wayne

Mass Media Week

This week’s songs will all be about subjects that I encountered when being entertained by mass media. So, songs I’ve written after reading newspaper articles, hearing radio stories, seeing art installations, feeling television pulses, inputing keyboard maneuvers.

This new song, today, is one I wrote after seeing the movie “McLintock!” starring John Wayne as some sort of cattle barren in the Old West. It was a really ridiculous movie. I saw it just this past Saturday night at about 1am after biking back from a Barehand Jugband show on North Hooker Street on Goose Island. I think the basic premise was something about how settlers were afraid to move into John Wayne’s community because there was a strong Native American presence. (Note, that in the movie the Native American’s were referred to as “savages” and portrayed by actors as drunk idiots.) John Wayne (McLintock) had no problems with the Indians, though, and even seemed to like them a little bit, or was maybe just amused by them.

Anyway, John Wayne was having trouble getting people into his new settlement, and then his estranged wife shows up with her full bouncing bosom and loud mouth, telling him that she wants to take their daughter with her someplace. (Note, that this is the first mention of any daughter.)

Then John Wayne punches out a guy that he’s hiring into his cattle company and so the guy becomes his good friend and let’s John Wayne taste his mother’s biscuits, which are the best biscuits John Wayne has ever had (although I thought they looked a little small). John Wayne then meets this guy’s mother, who turns out to be a complete knock-out-fully-loaded-babe. So John Wayne hires her as his new cook and makes his old Asian cook “retire.” (Note, that the Asian cook is played to be a crazy little man who speaks in broken English and is always angry about something, but who loves and respects his Big White Master, in this case, played by John Wayne.)

Then there’s a big fight scene in a mud pool.

And then I wrote this new song and went to bed.

I like the music for this song, the words may just be there as place-holders for some other song. Who knows.

Also, my two new albums, “It’s Chicago” and “Andrew Francis,” are due to arrive on Tuesday, August 10. I guess that’s when they “drop.” I’m not having any kind of big-time CD release show, but I am playing at Jerry’s in Wicker Park this coming Saturday (August 14) at 10pm. I’ll have the albums there for sale. I’ll also have them for sale this week at Gallery Cabaret during the open mike on Thursday. They’ll be available for a special discounted price. And, of course, they’ll be available for purchase through itunes and CDBaby.

Okay, that’s enough marketing….see ya.

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