New Song: It’s too hard to make you agree

No Theme Week

Here’s a song I wrote Sunday night. I was just kinda working around on the guitar and a part came out and then some words just kinda happened. No long knock-down, drag-out with this one. I’m not sure what it’s about or why I wrote it, but here it is.

And I’m not really sure of a theme for this week. Maybe just “No Theme.” Songs that don’t mean anything, that I didn’t write about anything in particular. Usually, though, that kind of song is one that I listen to again after a couple weeks and it kinda knocks me over cause then I can see from the outside what the song’s really about (at least to me). I guess, right away, I’m too involved in getting it written, making sure all the words are there and all the parts fit, to make much sense of what it’s all about.

Not for every song, though. Some I know exactly what I’m setting out to do and why. Those are actually probably harder to write. Mainly because I’ve got a really great idea and if it doesn’t come together right away it’s a little discouraging. Like if I can’t find the right rhythm or the right chord order or mostly the right words to say what I know needs to be said.

But, anyway, that’s probably an explanation for another week. No Theme Week is about nothing and the road to nothing and the road away from nothing.

Here’s to nothing. I hope all your days of this week are filled with nothing but nothing.


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