Song Post: Nothing Oughta Be Like Nothing

No Theme Week

Here’s a song that I posted just a month or so ago during “Arrangement Week.” So it’s really new, but it also isn’t like the other songs this week, which were all written quickly (in less then 15 minutes or so) and which I didn’t have any agenda set out before I wrote them.

For “Nothing Oughta Be Like Nothing” I really had to work at the words. I took one day for each verse until I had four verses. And I kinda knew going in that I wanted to do a song that way, and had this idea for the repeating chorus line of “…nothing new oughta be like nothing old…” So this song had a lot of thought behind it and a lot of meaning heaped up already.

So why re-post it again so soon?

First, because I never really finished it after arrangement week. So this is a cleaner version. (Here’s the older version.)

And, second, because this song is about how nothing today is supposed to be like anything else that’s ever happened. As an artist you get shunned for that. Or people think you’re just out to be a copy cat or something, not knowing that all artists grow this way. Learning from what happened before and slowly changing until they become their own form built upon that left by others.

So do you get it?


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