Ballad on November 5

No Theme Week

Here’s the last song for No Theme Week. It’s a song I wrote back in November of 2008. Didn’t have anything to do with anything. Wasn’t about me or you or anybody else in particular. Wasn’t no meaning behind or about or in-front of it. Took about 30 seconds to write and around 5 minutes to sing and listen to. I played it out all over in three-quarter time, two-four time, six-eight and four-four and five-ninths. It all sounded the same to me. I put it as song number one on an album I made and didn’t distribute except to a few very affectionate friends. I haven’t sung it in a year or so. I pulled it out and I think it’s a pretty good ending to No Theme Week.

See ya Monday…bright and early.

At the end of the week, listen to a ballad about November 5.

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