New Song: I’m her’s and her’s only

Songs from Someone Else’s Perspective Week

This is a week where I post songs that I wrote from someone else’s perspective. Either because I wasn’t around to actually experience the event, or because someone else has a better view (as far as I know or think they do) of something that I just don’t get.

So here’s this song. It’s from someone else’s perspective. It ain’t my perspective. I don’t even know if it’s right. It’s just maybe what they’re thinking. Or what I think they’re thinking. Or hope they’re thinking.

It’s a pretty basic blues structure, expect that there’s a two-chord in there where the five-chord usually would be. I stole that from another song by someone else. But that’s okay cause everyone does that and there wasn’t any sign saying I shouldn’t. So I did.

Anyway, there’s the song for today. Tomorrow will be another one from another perspective.

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