New Song: Shapes

Songs for Children Week

This is a week of songs that I wrote with children in mind. Really, all my songs are written with children in mind. These are just a few of them, though.

I wrote “Shapes” last week at the dinner table during dinner-time. Dinner-time is a pretty good time to write a song and this one just came spilling on out. Until I ran out of shapes that I knew off the top of my head and to go searching for some more. There’s only so many verses you can write about a square. Unless you’re writing any kind of political protest song or something like that.

I tired to keep this song fairly complex because children really appreciate it when you give them complex things to puzzle over. That’s in contrast to adults who need simple things to muddle their brain. That’s why most of my other songs are really simple with repeating lines and such. “Shapes” is loaded to the brim with difficulty, though. I’m not even sure how to explain it. I bet I couldn’t even try.

Anyway. That’s the song for today. See ya.

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