New Song: The Wake-up Blues

Work Songs Week

Okay. Here’s the song I was talking about yesterday. I changed the chrous line a little bit. Now it goes like this:

Oh, I got the wake-up blues, yeah, the wake-up blues,
Well, I may be weary, but I can’t stay here with you

That fit better into the rhythm and melody of the song, which is basically Blind Boy Fuller’s “Step It Up and Go.” If you check out those lyrics (by clicking on the linked title) you’ll see a note with some explanation about the song. Blind Boy Fuller‘s is basically a rip from an old jugband tune, which is probably ripped from somewhere else. So, mine, here, is not in any danger of infringement of any kind. It’s also really similar in a lot of ways to my song “Pray to Your Lord,” from my self-titled, full-length album that I released back on August 10. That one is also formed around the same Blind Boy Fuller song.

I guess I like that song.

When I wrote this one I wasn’t too confident in the lyrics, being somewhat silly and matter-o-fact. It’s also more of a traditional-sounding blues song, which I don’t really write as much anymore. But I’ve grown to enjoy it over these past 12 hours or so.

And now that’s another new song for this week, which has become Work Songs Week. If I want to get any more songs about work I’ll have to write some more cause I don’t really have any in my backlog of recorded material. That’s probably appropriate, though. To have to work on the songs for Work Songs Week.

We’ll see what I can come up with.

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