No new song up today because of the Barehand Jugband

I didn’t get a chance to sit down and record a new song before today. Mainly because I was pretty busy with a few Barehand Jugband shows over the last week and a house concert last night.

But that’s enough excuses.

I’ll get the new song up tonight or tomorrow sometime.

So today, I’ll tell you about what I’ve been up to….

The jugband played Quencers Saloon last Saturday night, the 11th (after also playing a fun house concert down in Bridgeport). We shared the bill with the Duke of Uke. They’re this really great band from down state in Champaign-Urbana. The show was packed and the crowd was pretty sweaty. This past weekend we played the County Fair over in Garfield Park Conservatory and the Harvest Jam Festival in Lincoln Square.

Next up for the band is the Design Harvest Fest on October 2 and 3. Did you hear there’s no Hideout Block Party this year? Well, this is sort of the replacement for that since there’s construction on Wabansia and it would’ve been too hard to put on the Block Party. Anyway, it’ll be a great time. We play both days.

Then we’re playing the Abbey Pub on October 8. Check it out. It’s a great bill.

The house concert out in Oak Park I did last night was part of a series put on by Craig Bonnell who writes the songs:illionis blog. He did a review of my 2 albums that that released last month and then asked me to come play a 30-minute set. It was a really great party and the audience was one of those that you really always hope for. Matt the Electrician, from Austin, also played. I hadn’t heard him before, but he was pretty amazing. Sort of reminded me of Ramblin’ Jack Elliott in that he’s stories were just as entertaining and captivating as his songs. You should check him out and buy his new album. And his old album too. Two is better than one.

Next up I’ll be playing solo at Cafe Mustache in Logan Square with Jonas Friddle, Jessica Robbins, and kt the band (Katie Alvarado). That’s on October 23. Should be a fun show.

Okay, so now I’ll go get to that new song.

See ya.

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