New Song: The Morning Train

I finished today’s song last night. I started it a while back. I’m not sure when. I’ve got a pile of half finished, or half started songs and lines and choruses and verses all jumbled up. I was working on something else, but it wasn’t going where I wanted it to go.

It was going nowhere.

So I pulled out the stack and this one was on top.

Here’s what was there already:

(I ain’t trying to get down on you [x2]
I’m just trying Mama to understand
what you need from a loving man)

I’ll be leaving soon on the morning train
I’ll be heading out and I won’t be back around again

When you hear that whistle blowing loud
Means I’ve left and gone

The parentheses around that first verse means I threw it out when I first wrote this. So I didn’t even bother with that last night.

The music kinda fell into place. The other song I was working on was in D with the capo at 3, so I was already there. And it was in 3/4 time. So I stuck with that. Except, I started “The Morning Train” with a minor 6th and changed it into the key of D-sharp. Oh well.

When I first wrote this I bet it was in some sort of blues style. Probably had a real nice lick. I don’t remember, though.

It’s kind of a plodding song, but I think it gets the point across.

I also wrote a second song today that I finished tonight (before this one), but you’ll have to wait until Monday for that. It’s a doozy.

And, remember, I’m playing a the Elbo Room this Saturday, 11/6, as part of the Chicago Root Collective Fall Festival. My set goes from 9pm-9:15pm, or so. I’m playing in the upstairs lounge area. I’ll have plenty of CDs on hand, so come out and get one while I still have copies.

Also, don’t forget to vote for the Barehand Jugband in the Chicago Blues and Bluegrass Festival “Last Banjo Standing” contest.

Just click here to vote. We need some help…we’re currently in 10th place.

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