The Talkin’ Headline Blues #4

Day number 4 in the string of talkin’ blues songs. This one, though, is more of an I Shall Be Free-type tune than a true talkin’ blues, but I don’t think anyone really knows the difference, so it don’t matter.

The headlines again came off of See how ridiculous it is to try and follow the news? I’ve heard too many people say recently that they “just read the headlines” or “skim through headlines and online articles.” How is anyone actually aware of anything?

I know I’m not.

Feels like the world is outta control, spinning wildly with every person on it spinning wildly doing crazy things. There’s no one normal. No one easy. No one free.

Okay, that’s enough of that. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s version and then be sure to come back on Saturday. I’m gonna compile all 5 versions into one big stewing pot to give a good idea of what it was like to try and write songs out of headlines each day.

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