The Talkin’ Headline Blues #1-5 (Combined)

Okay. I forgot to post the compilation of all five versions of Talkin’ Headline on Saturday. So, here it is today. It’s basically a new song. Indistinguishable from anything else.

The new song for this week will be coming. I’ll be working on it today. So look for it tomorrow.

This compilation, though, is pretty interesting, I think. It’s how my brain felt at the end of the week after reading so many headlines and not any substance of any news items. This should probably be the theme song for this whole blog. It’s absolute vomit.

There are a couple things I like. Occasionally the repeating chorus lines sync up in the different versions, and that’s pretty wild. Especially since all the versions are in different keys. Also, the mouth harp is basically going throughout the whole song and has a sort of sinister sound going.

Then the end clears up really well. It’s like waking up after a really heavy dream.

Hope ya like it.

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