New Song: If I didn’t still have you

Here’s a song about the weather. Go figure. It’s winter in the Midwest, so what else am I gonna write about?

I jotted this one down on Saturday over the weekend when I was practicing some other new songs from the past couple weeks.

I think I was actually going through the song “13 Women” that the Barehand Jugband does because I butchered it at our show on Thursday night and wanted to be sure I had it down for our show tonight at Double Door. (You’ve already got your tickets, right?)

Anyway, I was up-the-neck, so I just was kinda fooling around.

The words of this one kinda fool around too. They’re basically what I initially wrote, save for a few spot changes; and I dropped an entire verse that just was’t going anywhere fast.

So have a listen. And remember to come back on Thursday when I’ll post a re-recorded version of the new song I released one year ago this week.

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