The Talkin’ Headline Blues #7

Here’s the first installment of “Talkin’ Headline Tuesday.” The first of many. I’ll be doing one of these every week from here on out. So whatever’s in the news on Monday I’ll write into a song, record it Monday night, and post it here on Tuesday.

Simple enough, huh?

I won’t do a whole lot of writing about the songs, unless there’s something particularly interesting going on in the news (which there almost never is). If you want some background on where this song initially came from, or background on the talkin’ blues, you can check out these posts that I made a while back. There’s a few pages of songs and writing. Go ahead, have a read and take a listen.

That’s it. Come back on Thursday, though, cause I’ll be posting a re-recorded version of the song I wrote new and posted one year ago this week. It’s gonna be exciting. Very, very exciting. I’m excited.

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