New Song: If I was a woman and you was a man

Here we go. The last song of 2010. This one, I think, is purely for my own enjoyment. Maybe for someone else. Maybe. I wrote it on the 23rd. Finished it on the 24th. Ain’t no Christmas song. More like a Thanksgiving song, I suppose.

It’s inspired by a certain someone. Thanks, Certain Someone.

Anyway. It’s a pretty typical blues tune. Actually, it’s almost exactly the same melody and guitar part as the song “Leavin’ You” (originally titled “Oh mama, don’t you make me”) that I wrote back in July. You can hear that song here.

So that’s that for 2010.

Well, not really. I’ll write and post a new version of Talkin’ Headline tomorrow and re-record a new version of the song I wrote one year ago this week (Out in the Cold Cold Wind) on Thursday. And, of course, the new song I write that I post of January 3rd could possibly still be written in 2010. But, apart from those, 2010 is up.

Let’s take a look back, huh?

All in all I wrote and posted 48 new songs. This includes all the songs I posted brand new on a Monday (or later in the week if I missed my deadline) and any additional songs I wrote and posted (if more than 2 in a week). Also in there are the 6 versions of Talkin’ Headline that I posted. (I actually wrote 7, but only recorded and posted 6, so I won’t count that one, which is now irrelevant because its full of old news.) It doesn’t include any re-recorded material that was written in a previous year or any songs I wrote but didn’t record for one reason or another.

Not bad. 48 newly published songs. That’s almost one for every week of the year. I went from January 4, 2010 until February 15 really strong. Didn’t miss a day. Didn’t miss a beat. A lot of the songs I wrote in this period made it onto one or the other of my two albums.

Then I hit a rough patch. I remember it well. I wasn’t writing. I was just waiting around for songs to come. That ain’t a good idea. Ever.

I finally picked it back up the week of April 28. Seems I recorded 2 songs that day. And then didn’t miss a week of posting a new song for the rest of the year (expect for the week of July 26 when I was busy getting my two albums to the production line and getting everything finalized for the release of both).

Anyway. I kinda fell into a groove. It got really easy to just churn out a song. So I started doing a couple different things. I tried writing a song every day of the week (that was hard), I wrote one new verse each day for a song and recorded each verse on a different instrument (that was fun), and I did a whole week of new talkin’ blues songs each day based on headlines on (that was mind-numbing).

For 2011 I’ll take a few of those ideas and keep at them. I’m sure I’ll come up with a few others, though. I’m also planning to record and release another album with songs from the past year. (there are probably 5 to 7 that I think will definitely make it, can you guess which ones?) That’ll hopefully happen by March sometime, but I haven’t thought about it too much.

Mostly I’ll be trying to get out and play some of these 2010 songs. So I’ll see ya around.

Here’s to the new year a-comin down.

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