New Song: All the Answers of Old

Here it is, folks. The first new song released in the new year. This one I wrote last week on Wednesday night. Came pretty easily. Had an idea instantly. The form and pattern of the song developed out of all the other songs I’ve written the past few weeks and months. Same for the words. Then the repeating chorus came through. All in about, say, 10 minutes or so. Then I worked out 3 more verses and an ending and I had a complete song in about an hour.

That’s how it goes writing a folk song. And this sure is a big ol’ folk song. With a capital “F.”

Anyway, I feel like it’s a good song to start off the new year. Get’s me headed in some direction at least. Now I’m barreling down on the curves of the road.

Remember. Tomorrow (and every Tuesday for the rest of the year) is Talkin’ Headline Tuesday and then two days later is Replay Thursday. You don’t wanna miss that. So you gotta come back often and listen.

See ya.

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