Rewritten Song: Not For Me or You (version 2)

Last year this week I wrote, recorded, and released this song, “Not For Me or You,” which eventually made it onto my full-length album that I put out in August. Listen to the original recording, which is basically the same as the album version, right here.

This recording is only different in that I sped up the tempo, took the song outta 3/4 time, made it a blues number (surprise, surprise), and maybe added or subtracted a couple words (a baby here, a man there). Otherwise it’s the same song.

I never played this one out at a performance after I wrote it. Never did even after I put it on my album. It was always kinda a hard one for me to remember. Maybe because it was so long in 3/4 time. Maybe because it felt like a drag to sing. Maybe because I never tried to really learn it. I always liked it for some reason, though.

Anyway. There’s the new version for ya. Come back tomorrow for the old one.

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