Rewritten Song: Lawd Almighty (version 2)

It’s Replay Thursday again, folks. This week last year I wrote this song, “Lawd Almighty.” I was deep into some serious James Baldwin novels at the time. Specifically, “Go Tell It on a Mountain.”

Anyway, that’s where this song came from. It also made it onto my full-length album that came out in August. You can hear the original version from 2010 right here. If you’ve heard me play out live over the past 6 months you’ve probably heard this one. It’s definitely one of my favorites to perform. And one of my favorites to play around the house for kicks.

The new version, for today, is a bit different. I rearranged the word order and the musical accompaniment a tad. So it’s got an altered feel. I’d say it’s more traditional Gospel tune and the original is more like a field howl. Both get a similar idea across, though.

In other news. Did you know the Barehand Jugband is playing tonight at Fitzgerald’s in Berwyn? No? Well, you better get over there at 8pm. It’s only 5 dollars and there’s no better place in Chicagoland to see country music. Jon Williams Swing Group plays first, so we’ll go on about 9pm, probably. See ya there.

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