New Song: Someday

This song I wrote last night and it was kind of a struggle. Or, really, I mean that I just had to work on it for a while. Take a few breaks in-between each verse. Get up. Walk around. Wash the dishes. But once I started it I knew I had to finish it.

Some songs aren’t like that. You start em and know they’re not going anywhere and they never get finished.

Others you pound out in 5 minutes, let sit for a few days, and going back to them you can’t remember what you thought was interesting at all.

This one still strikes me as something. It’s similar, in that way, to the song from two weeks ago, “All the Answers of Old.” Plus, like that one, it’s a pretty straight-forward, old-fashioned folk tune, so-to-speak.

What do you think?

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