Rewritten Song: Serve Someone (version 2)

Here’s another song that made it onto my full-length album from last Summer. I wrote it walking down Logan Boulevard after a few beers in the middle of the day on President’s Day. When I went to record the original (which you can listen to here) I think I had a tough time with the music. Nothing seemed to fit.

This new version, though, fits pretty well into the music. It came together really easy even though I had to write an extra verse and re-write a few of the lines. Definitely a complete re-vamp for this one.

So let me know what you think. I’ll probably start playing this version out at shows, cause I always liked the song, but never really the arrangement of the original.

Also, the Barehand Jugband has a show tomorrow at Quenchers. Come out and see us for the first time back in Chicago after our big win at the National Jug Band Battle up in Minneapolis. It’s only 5 bucks. We go on at 11pm sharp.

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