The Talkin’ Headline Blues #22

President set to run a long race in radioactive waters off the coastline while the military ties to rearrange itself in order to put on the air of self government during a time when young Hollywood stars are scorned for not staying in long loving relationships. A pair of the protectors of the free world have been slain while not in the free world’s boundaries at the same time that big huge fists pummel other big huge fists in anger over laundry. China maintains it’s order. 50,000 people soon to be stricken with bouts of acne due to cooking grease and bouts of depression due to working a job. Planes begin to deteriorate in mid-air and everyone is surprised that 40-year-old fuel tubes that float in the sky aren’t immortal. Investments in sports? Taking a vacation from profits? Laying in a crypt? Your computer is about to need an upgrade again, please. Can’t you just get used to change already? A reference to a TV show from the 80’s is not gonna go to far in convincing the younger generation to pull up their pants and be just like you. Protesters killed. Old lady to be offered contract with Oakland Raiders, eventually. She has fast footwork and a deft touch. And she’s out to protect all her treasures. Charlie Sheen. Something bad happens in Africa.

Did you get all that? Try not to choke. If you have a coughing fit, please exit out the door and into the alleyway and make your noise out there.

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