The Talkin’ Headline Blues #25

The Big Money Truck haulin through the stretches of Idaho unearthed the blackened body of a diggin man while his country, far overseas laid down the law. Lots a love-makin over the great blue ocean. Lots a tunnels gone through. Lots to figure out.

Something funny said. Hair transportation via laser-guided missiles which seek out secrets that spoil the surprises to be found by investigative journalists five years after a terrible event.And what of blind eyes? The sun’s been hidden lately. The clouds covering everything.

Jesus Christ rose from the grave so long ago. Who says in today’s age he wouldn’t fall down a flight of stairs, or off the top of a very tall building? Maybe his balance is off? Maybe he’d get gunned down for making too much noise? In any event he’d still probably welcome anyone into his home no matter what they looked like or which way they entered. If you’re not concerned with that at least you can catch the redeye outta St. Louis again.

Oh, thanks the Lawd! The defenders of truth and justice and the American way are stickin their necks out so far. They will not take the stand. They will issue no opinions. They have nothing to gain. For now. I spent 70 dollars of my hard-earned cash on gas yesterday. I can remember when 70 dollars was a lot of money. When I’d dream to get 70 dollars in my pocket. Feel the cool crispness of the cash cracking between my fingers. Now it ain’t nothin special. Just gets me where I gotta go to make more 70 dollar increments so I can spend em to get where I need to go. Probably, though, 70 dollars couldn’t buy much of anything. Not a sporting event ticket for sure. And, probably not happiness no matter who you are.

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