New Song: This ain’t no fare-thee-well

I wrote this new one yesterday after reading an article on a botched U.S. military bombing in Afghanistan. Basically the military (meaning 2 guys sitting in a video room in Nevada controlling a drone 4,000 miles away) targeted a group of civilians and mistook them for insurgents and blistered their cars with helicopter bullets and missiles. A bunch of them died. The families of the innocent dead were given 48 hundred dollars as compensation. That’s tax money right there. I’d be willing to give a little more, though, wouldn’t you? And I’d be willing to spend some of my cash to court marshall those responsible.

But anyway, that ain’t up to me. And that’s only how the song started.

It quickly moved away from any kind of political-ridiculous song. And I like where it went. It’s kinda a blues-type-thing. I recorded it in one take, so there’s a couple mistakes in there and after I recorded it I made a few minor edits to a few of the lines just to clean up the phrasing. But what you hear is the basic outline for the song, which I’m gonna start playing out soon.

Speaking of that…I have a show coming up on May 15 at Uncommon Ground in Wrigleyville. It’ll be a hot one. Jonas Friddle from the Barehand Jugband is doing a solo set too. And Indignation Jones is also playing. I go on at 7 and play for 45 minutes.

The jugband’s also got a big show at Double Door coming up on Tuesday, May 3. We’ll be strutting around the stage and dripping sweat. It’s only 5 bucks to get in and the Hoyle Brothers and Shams Band are playing too. Come check it out. Starts at 9pm.

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