New Song: I ain’t gonna work

Wrote this song on Saturday over the weekend. It’s a long one. Over seven minutes. Can you make it the whole way through?

I’ll tell you some background about it to help you out.

It’s loosely based on Bob Dylan’s tune “Maggie’s Farm.” Very loosely. Pretty much just the sentiment of that song (other than some of the words in the first verse), which is basically not wanting to get tied down to repetitive, uninteresting tasks. To divorce yourself from that which bores you no matter what everyone else says or thinks you should do or wants you to do or knows you should do.

Speaking of that…the Barehand Jugband is rollin on into the Double Door on Tuesday the 3rd for a show with the Hoyle Brothers and the Shams Band. You should come check that out if you’ve never seen the band before.

In other news…this week I’ll start posting re-recorded versions of tunes from 2010 again. Last year I took a couple months off from writing and recording, although, not intentionally. But this is the point where I picked it up again and then haven’t missed another week (except for one in August) since. So look for that on Thursday and Friday.

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