Rewritten Song: Brown-skinned Woman (version 2)

This week last year I wrote and recorded “Brown-skinned Woman.” This is one of the tunes that ended up on my full-length album. You can check out the original version here.

The new recording’s a little different. Was hard to get away from that original melody, though. Especially since I’m singing this tune out at live shows. It’s gettin engrained in my head. Plus it’s one of those old Carter Family that’s almost too good to mess around with.

So this was a real good exercise.

I came up with something on Monday night, but then when I sat down last night to record I couldn’t remember exactly what that was. So this recording has a little of that and a little something else. I decided to go with the stutter last night. Was doing it all through the whole song at first (it’s something new, so I got excited), but realized that was a little too much of the same thing. So I cut it back a little. It’s still not really where I want it to be, but I like the place where it’s headed.

Anyway, that’s the new version for this week. Like I said, I’ll post the old one tomorrow.

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