New Song: I ain’t nothing at all

Here’s the new one I wrote last night. Didn’t really have anything coming to me all week. No life experiences that presented themselves in any particular way.

So, by Friday I was trying to write some ridiculous song about the end of the world and the creation of a new one exactly like the old one. I got two verses in by Saturday night and let it rest. Woke up on Sunday and scrapped the whole idea. It’s not the kind of song I want to write anymore.

Instead, since I didn’t have any other ideas or feelings, I just used a writing technique that I lean on when I got nothin else. Take an old song and destroy it until it because something of your own. Maybe not destroy it, but at least twist it up a little. Change some words. Change some ideas. Change the timeframe and outlook.

I’ve done this type of thing countless times and it comes pretty easy once I get going.

For this song, though, I went at it a little different. Instead of picking one tune to work with I picked images and themes and lines and melodies from a bunch of songs. So it’s more a collage or sorts. Similar, in that respect, to the song “Mismanaged” that I recorded back on March 21. Go listen to that and see the similarities.

Know any of the songs I used? Go ahead and post a comment and see if you’re right.

Now, I don’t think this song is finished at all. It’s missing something, I think. I had the idea that maybe next week’s new song will be the rest of this one. Maybe if I finish it this week, though, I’ll post the rest on Friday. So check back….

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