Rewritten Song: I Can’t Help It (version 2)

I recorded and released “I Can’t Help It” this week last year. Here’s this year’s version. Recorded last night.

This tune wound up on the full-length album I released last August, which is fairly similar to the original recording (which is right here). This was also one of the last songs I wrote before I started recording that album. I kept writing songs last year and releasing them, but I had to stop myself at some point with some group of songs.

Anyway, you can still buy the album. Download or CD. The money goes to my next recording, so it’s a donation on your part, in a sense.

So, now, the new recording. You’ll notice I used an electric guitar on this one. So that’s different. The song’s basically the same structure, other than singing it a little different and I broke out the last two lines of the original first verse and used them as a chorus throughout instead of a repeating line. And there’s some occasional phrase/word changes here and there, but nothing major.

I like this song though. It’s a little bizarre to hear, I guess. Let me know what you think.

And, for those of you who’re interested…I plugged the guitar right into my Tascam USB Interface. Used no effects or anything like that in Garageband. Just turned up the volume and got some good old unfiltered digital feedback. I’ve got a 1955 Fender Telecaster. It stays nice and warm in its case. This is probably the first time I’ve had it out in, say, 3 years I think.

Also, the Barehand Jugband is at Fitzgerald’s in Berwyn tonight at 8pm. And we’ve got a big Friday night Double Door show coming up on June 24. We’ll be opening for the Infamous Stringdusters. Gonna be a hot show. Get your tickets now, cause they’re almost sold out.

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