New Song: Baby, Work It All Night For Me

Here’s the new one for this week. It’s a standard blues tune based on Blind Boy Fuller’sStep It Up and Go.” I’ve used this a lot in the past and it’s a good one to fall back on when I don’t have any idea what kind of tune I’m gonna write or what kind of melody I want to sing.

That’s not to say I took an easy way out, though. I still wrote all the words and the guitar parts are my own (they’re not exactly like Blind Boy Fuller, because, well, I ain’t that good at guitar).

Also, while it seems like this song is about one thing, and while I was writing it I thought it was about one thing and that kinda made me giggle and kinda made me almost pass this song right by. But really it’s about something completely different than you may think. At least to me it is. I wonder what it is to you? Maybe you’d like to share, huh?

So, that’s it for today.

Tomorrow, though, I’m playing with the Barehand Jugband at our regular last-Tuesday-of-the-month show at the Hideout. Starts at 9pm. Goes all night. Promises to be a dance-filled night full of sweatin and kissin. Come out and celebrate the start of Summer with us. It’s only 5 buckaroos.

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