Rewritten Song: I Have No Idea (version 2)

Here’s the new version of “I Have No Idea.” This is another song that made it onto my full-length album from last year. Was the last song I wrote for that album, in fact. Wrote it while I was driving down the road. Ever done that? I don’t recommend it. The people behind you know what you’re doing and they don’t like it. They’re busy and’ve got places to be, damnit.

Anyway, the structure of this one is pretty similar to the original (which you can listen to here). I haven’t performed this one too much, so I’m not totally bored with it and when I went back to play it I remembered how much I liked it. The original felt like a finished song already. So I didn’t change much. Just maybe the guitar part and the melody and singing a little.

The guitar part is loosely based on my song “Lawd Almighty.” Do you hear it in there? Go listen to that tune and maybe you’ll be able to pick it out.

I’ll leave it up to you to compare, though. You’re probably a better critic than me.

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