Rewritten Song: Hammer ‘n’ Nail (version 2)

The tune I wrote and recorded this week, last year was “Hammer ‘n’ Nail.” You can go check out the blog post and listen to the original recording here. For the 2010 version I used the song “Ballad of John Henry” as a basis for the melody. You can hear Ramblin’ Jack Elliott do that here. I always really loved this song. Sing it all the time around the house. Just one of those old gooders that I can’t shake outta my noggin.

So, for this new version, I decided to use another old melody that I really love. This time I picked the Carter Family’s “Black Jack David.” Check it out here. It’s a great song. But it was kinda, actually, hard to fit my words in there. Not that they don’t fit, but I’m so used to singing about Black Jack David taking a fair lady across the sea and sleeping out under the moon and stars that I had a hard time singing different words. Took me three takes of recording once I started, though. So, not too bad.

Anyway, let me know what you think. And remember, I’m singing on Monday, June 20 at the Fedora Lounge. The set starts at 9:30pm and I’ll be slingin’ em until around midnight. Start off your workweek right and stop on by.

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