New Song: I want yours

Here’s the new song for this week. Yeah, four days late. But at least I got through it. This one’s kinda pieced together from another song I was trying to write last week. It wasn’t going anywhere. I gave it a shot on Sunday again. Rewrote a little bit, rearranged the words, mixed up the tune. Nothing worked, so I let it sit all week.

When I went back to it last night this is what I got. Rather than just skip this week, I thought I’d run with it and see where it gets me leading into next week. Maybe somewhere, maybe nowhere. At least I gave it a go, though.

So anyway. That’s that.

Remember, you can catch me tonight at the Auxiliary in Logan Square. Check out the facebook event. I’m singing starting at around 11pm. Couple other great performers are hitting the stage first, starting at 9pm. It’s gonna be a good old fashioned time. Hope to see ya there.

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