Rewritten Song: Only in America (version 2)

Okay, so here’s the new version of the song I recorded this week, last year. It’s a patriotic tune. I was doing theme weeks last year around this time and because of Independence Day I did “Songs About America Week.” Go ahead and browse back and check out the other songs I posted.

But, also, check out the original version, which includes a lengthy description of where the song initially came from. It’s a good read for a Thursday morning.

This new one is kinda jumbled up. I combined some of the verses to make new sets of verses and then used the repeating element from the original to craft together a chorus. I think it works pretty well. I at least like the structure of this one and probably will use it on some other new songs coming up.

The music’s similar to the re-record of “I Can’t Help It” that I did back in late May. Of course, that one was on electric guitar, but it’s basically the same idea. Check it out.

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