Rewritten Song: Nothing Oughta Be Like Nothing (version 2)

Here’s the tune I released this week, last year. I wrote this one over the course of an entire week…one verse each day, starting on Monday. Then I recorded that verse on a new instrument. You can check out the original progression of this song and then the compiled version by clicking on the appropriate day of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

I did, also, record a cleaner version a few weeks later, which you can listen to here. But it still wasn’t completely done. I added another verse to the end at some point after this recording.

Then the song was finished…or almost. I changed the music slightly after adding that new verse and playing it out a couple times. I think I felt it was just a little boring and repetitive. So I gave it a little more up and down. A little more melody. I don’t have a recording of that, but maybe you’ll see me play it out sometime and I’ll play it like that. It ain’t too far away from the original tune.

This new recording ain’t too far away either. It’s faster and a little bluesier. And the repeating “oughta” lines I moved around a little bit, giving the feel of a chorus.

Don’t know if this works, or if it’s better or worse. Just different. What do ya think?

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