New Song: Oh darling, where have you gone?

I wrote this song (or, half of it) last week on Thursday. I had a couple other tunes I was working on, in addition to this one. Didn’t even think this would be the new song for today, but once I put the words to music it kinda just popped out as the best choice.

Then yesterday I added four more verses and cleaned up some of the phrases (which still need a little work because some are too long and don’t flow just right).

And that’s that.

I’ll be posting a new Talkin’ Headline tomorrow and then Wednesday through Friday you get new versions of old songs each day. This week last year I did a theme week called “New Song Week” where I attempted to write a new song each day. I only got three, which felt like I came up short, but works out perfect for re-recording them this year.

Anyway, you’ve got that to look forward to.

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