Rewritten Song: You’re all I got (version 2)

Here’s the re-recording of the song I wrote and released this week, last year. It was actually one of three songs I wrote that week in 2010, all kinda on the theme of love. I think I actually thought about calling this one “Love Song.” I’ve been told, though, that it’s not really a love song, but I don’t know what it is then.


Have a listen to the original for comparison. In this new recording I used a guitar lick that I play all the time. It’s called the Lester Flatt Lick. Go look up who Lester Flatt was, okay?

To be honest, I actually kinda had a hard time rewriting this one. The original really gets me still and I didn’t wanna leave that melody behind. It’s simple and understated.

This new one is kinda over-the-top, or something. It’s not the same. But I still like it. Get’s my bones movin.

Also, turns out this one wasn’t “just a test.” There was a jackhammer tearing up the road in the background when I recorded this. Thought I’d just get down a sketch and come back to it later in the night when everything was quiet. But that road drill kinda just settles in nicely to the background, don’t ya think?

Now, everyone go and do the Lester Flatt Lick.

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