Rewritten Song: Leavin’ You (Version 2)

“Leavin You” is the next song I wrote during “New Song Week” last year. It’s one of those songs that I didn’t work very hard on. That just came out in a burst of speed and then just kept going. I haven’t put it down since and I’ve played it out pretty much everywhere (or at least every place I play).

But it has changed since the original recording (which you can listen to here). The music part is basically still the same, just maybe a bit faster, but I added a verse after I brought it to the Barehand Jugband to play. And, I changed the title (not that titles matter).

That’s when the song really took off. Got the full horn section treatment. You’ll have to wait for our next album (maybe) to hear that, or just come to one of our shows. The next one is August 3rd at Double Door.

Anyway, enough about the old version. I came up with this new way of singing “Leavin’ You” a couple weeks ago when the jugband was in the studio recording some songs for an EP that we’re putting out. Was just messing around warming up before we laid down some tracks. And I kinda liked what was going on with it.

Then I came up with a new first verse so I could sing it in this new style before kickin into the old faster guitar lick. So the live version of this tune is a mash-up of the original recording, some new added parts, and this new recording.

You can tell I like this song, huh? I just hope I never get bored with it.

So that’s it for today. Come back tomorrow for the last re-recorded song from this week, last year.

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