Rewritten Song: If You Want It Baby (version 2)

And, finally, the last re-recorded song from last year’s week of three new songs. It’s no wonder that I took a week off from releasing a new song after this week last year. Not only did I put out 3 brand new songs, but I was finishing up the 2 albums that I had just recorded.

But I ain’t making excuses.

So, just like the original version (which you can listen to here for comparison), for this new recording I used an old melody. This time I picked up my old standby, “Step It Up and Go,” that Blind Boy Fuller did. I’ve used this one countless times over the past couple years since I first heard it.

This one turned out okay. I think I like the original better, though. It’s easier and flows a little better. But both need work either way.

So, there ya have it. Three re-recordings in one week (plus one new song and one Talkin’ Headline). Thank the Lord the Barehand Jugband didn’t have any shows this week or I never woulda got that all done.

Since I won’t have a song to re-record next week (because I skipped posting a new one last year), I’ll probably load up some new recordings. I’m gonna start putting together an EP of 5 or 6 tunes to spread all over the city. So you’ll get a little preview of that.

And there ya have it…

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