New Song: I’m Better Off

Here’s the new tune for this week. I started this one on Saturday this past weekend. Kinda had it on my mind for a while. Or something like it. And I got through the first 2 verses and part of the third verse in one day.

Then I let it sit around until last night. I think I finished it off okay. I’m still not totally sold on the “without you they never woulda been wrote” line. But I couldn’t think of another word that fit better than “wrote,” even though it sounds strange to me. Got any suggestions?

Anyway. This one’s in the bag.

And that also means I’ve now posted a new song each week for an entire year without missing a week. How about that?

Here’s some more good news…I finished recording a few songs for an EP. I’m mixing it now and it’ll (hopefully) be all done by the start of September. Who wants one?

Also, maybe you caught my performance this past Friday night, but, if not, you can catch me again next week on Wednesday the 10th at Honky Tonk BBQ down in Pilsen from 7pm-9pm. Hope to see you there cause I’ll be playing some new songs.

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