It’s Too Hard To Make You Agree (Version 2)

And here’s the re-recorded version of the song, It’s Too Hard To Make You Agree, that I wrote and released this week, last year. You can go listen to the original here, for comparison.

I know they sound different, but I guess they’re fairly similar. Both have these guitar parts that kinda help the singing along, in a way. Now, the guitar parts are different, so they seem different, but the more I think about it, the more I think they’re exactly the same.

Anyway. I kinda dig this new one more than the original. It’s got a better feel to it. Plus it’s a little more unlike anything else I’ve been recording lately, with the finger picking and all. So that’s something.

Also, I think I was channeling, subconsciously, Bob Dylan’s “I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) in the original version.” Go listen to that song and see for yourself. Pretty much the same, huh? So this updated version, today, is a little more my own, I guess. But, I’m sure it sounds exactly like some other song that someone else sang. Probably Ramblin’ Jack Elliott or someone like that.

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